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One of the most important factors in the stadium’s energy concept is the usage of excess thermal energy created by Solvay/Rhodia, a local manufacturer. On a practical level this means making the most of thermal energy made by the Solvay/Rhodia’s production processes and utilising a heat transfer system in a way that meets the heating demans of the stadium but also the wider community. By using this method within the stadium, as opposed to a traditional heating system, it is believed that 550 fewer tonnes of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere. Consequently, the aim of developing a carbon neutral stadium becomes more likely. Additionally, there are plans to utilise photovoltaic equipment in order to prevent the wastage of energy.

After considering the risks and potential issues associated with the project, the stadium will be operational for either the second half of the 2019/20 season or before 2020/21 one, provided the building and procedural processes are completed as quickly as anticipated. This timeframe was established after the latest discussions between all parties involved in the project. The overall budget for the project is €76m.

Zum Bebauungsplanverfahren (Stand August 2017): Die Offenlage des Bebauungsplanentwurfs ist abgeschlossen. Eingereichte Stellungnahmen und Einwendungen werden aktuell geprüft. Der Satzungsbeschluss des Gemeinderates ist für Frühjahr 2018 vorgesehen. Vorbereitende Arbeiten am Standort Wolfswinkel sind ab Herbst dieses Jahres geplant.

Stadion Freiburg Objektträger GmbH & Co. KG (also known as: SFG) is an organisation run by the Freiburg city council, one which Sport-Club Freiburg has a large involvement in. The organisation was founded on 01.04.2016. It has been assigned the task of overseeing the planning and building stages of the project and will also be partially involved in fitting the site upon its completion. The SFG will be responsible for construction the training pitches that will be positioned next to the stadium and will also ensure that all necessary facilities will be present at the construction site for a fixed price before building work can commence. Once the stadium has been built, SFG will transfer tenancy and leasing rights to the venue to Sport-Club Freiburg, who will be responsible for running the stadium. SC Freiburg will pay leasehold fees to the SFG and will also cover any maintenance costs incurred.

The SFG features a total of 20 individuals, centred on the supervisory committee and executive board. Dr. Dieter Salomon, the senior mayor of Freiburg, is the chairman of the supervisory committee; his deputy is Oliver Leki, Sport-Club Freiburg chairman. The executive board consists of Marcel Boyé, head of the “Organisation and Stadium” department and responsible for the project on behalf of SC Freiburg, Jochen Tuschter, who represents the city council’s interest in regards to project development and urban regeneration, and Reinhard Zähringer, who works at the Freiburg city treasury and has been tasked with ensuring that their interests are adhered to.

Press releases relating to the various progress reports, discussion forms and resolutions can be found here.

Der Standort des neuen Stadions